Laurea Magistrale in Economics and Development - Economia Politica e Sviluppo Economico - Dipartimento di Scienze per l'Economia e l'Impresa

This course is about: matrices, functions of several variables, differential calculus and static optimisation. These tools are required for intermediate level courses in economics.

Anno accademico: 2017-2018

Part A (prof. Marco Bellandi):

- Some premises on the relations between Industrial economics and policies and Local industrial development;

- Local analysis and comparisons, with respect to forms of enterprises and teams, local labour markets, social capital, innovation processes and regional systems, international strategies of productive systems;

- Policies of local productive development. Systembased approaches to support to productive development within evolving local/regional contexts, with particular regard to the role of specific public goods.

Part B (prof. Mario Biggeri):

- Local and industrial development in developing countries: theoretical approaches and research Methods. Definitions and theoretical approaches (also from a decent work and poverty reduction perspective); Research methods: procedures to analyze local and industrial development;

- Human development at the local level and international cooperation. Integrated Sustainable Human Development at the Local Level the STHED Interpretative Framework (Sustainable Territorial Evolution for Human Development). Case studies: Tuscany Region and Ecuador Buenvivir; International cooperation UNDP ART; International cooperation LEDA and UNIDO;

- Clusters and informal sectors. Clusters and informal sector. Case studies: Informal sector and SMEs development in India; Chinese industrialization during economic transition; Township and Village enterprises and the evolution of clusters in China, Chinese Clusters in Italy.

Anno accademico: 2017-2018