TTPM Course General Info

Il corso T&T 

è un corso destinato agli studenti di Laurea Magistrale; è inserito nella programmazione del corso di laurea in Ingegneria Energetica, ma è fruibile come insegnamento a scelta da studenti MEM.

Studenti del CdL MEL o del CdLM ATM  sono benvenuti all'inserimento come corso a scelta; devono però tenere presente che possono essere richieste conoscenze propedeutiche, e - nel caso MEL - che non potranno mantenre questo corso nel caso scegliessero poi il CdL ENM (in sostanza, si tratta di un "anticipo").

Il corso è stato pensato per un'erogazione in lingua Inglese, pertanto nel seguito verrà utilizzata tale lingua; mi scuso se forse non tutto il materiale didattico (non forse tutti gli esercizi)  è stato aggiornato all'inglese). 

Of course I am available in any moment to provide explanations in Italian for diffcult terms - or I will repeat if anybody says he does not understand.

This is a new course, substituting a previous one (EAT) which joined Energy/Environment+Exergoeconomics. From 2019/20 on, these contents can be recovered in the second semester, taking the 6 CFU Course Energia e Ambiente (but: only if you did not have already this exam in your undergraduate course!).

The course includes a section on Life Cycle Analysis LCA, which is considered propedeutical for the application of Exergo-Environmental Analysis. I am trying to develop practice material in the open-source environment Open-LCA provided that everything works in the info labs, so let's see what happens ....

The core of the T&T course is a revised approach to Thermodynamics (Advanced), introducing Exergy; then Exergo-Economic and Exergo-environmental analysis. These are powerful tools for analysis, design and optimization of energy conversion systems. The fundamentals of Pinch Analysis will also be introduced.

The course is thought as a hands-on experience, with approximately equal subdivision in  lectures and info labs. For these, we have Room 109 at CDM with the EES SW package + OLCA installed. The same package will be available for practice on personal computers, but utilization is only possible using Internet through the UNIFI network (from home, the UNIFI  Proxy must be used). This requires some attention but is effective. Please excuse problems, which are due to changes in the License AGreement by the SW distributor (F-Chart).

The course is thought for attendance: there will be a final test with two topics (typically, exergy and exergoeconomics), with two problems to be solved using the EES SW. The oral will consist in an interview examining the errors of the test - with possible deeper inquiry in case of fundamental errors. The purpose of the oral is to improve the test result (but this is not always possible). Working in small groups (max 3 students) is accepted at the test, but group members should be fully prepared to answer individually on specific questions on the group test. Also, the group test evaluation is common - so everybody is free to go for a complete individual test if he is confident of his preparation.

Coming to the oral without attendance to classes and the final lab test is discouraged: in principle, this should be possible only for working students  truly impossibilitated to attend. In this case, I will prepare a special exercise to be run before or during the oral. 

In this course I am making use of original teaching material, either personally developed or  taken from respected colleagues. This material (course notes and exercises, or parts of books, figures, tables,...) should be considered strictly personal, the students should not diffuse it on the web or provide copy to external people. Please respect intellectual property - this will guarantee that future students will enjoy the same free access as you did, and always have updated material.

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