Laurea Magistrale in Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems - Progettazione dei Sistemi Turistici - Dipartimento di Statistica, Informatica, Applicazioni "G. Parenti" (DiSIA)

The course aims to provide students with a knowledge of contracts in the tourism sector both with regard to contracts for tourism and with reference to contracts for the organization of tourism / hotel activities.
Main Topics of the Course:
1-Sources of Tourism Law;
2-Tourism law and Consumer Protection
3- Accommodation Contracts
4- Transportation Contracts
5- Travel Contracts
6- Marketing and Fair Commercial Practices
7- Main Structural Formulas: Franchising and Management

Special seminars of lawyers expert in contractual law are provided.

At the end of the course attending students, also in group, can present a paper on one of the topics of the course. Will be considered attending students, the students who  partecipate at the classess and at the moodle activities.

Anno accademico: 2018-2019