III ANNO - Lingua Inglese 2 (12 CFU) 2019-20

    A) Corso di  Prof. Brownlees : The course is entitled "Text types and language varieties in a diachronic perspective". In particular, the course will examine how over the last four centuries the language of news and advertising has adapted to the socio-historical and material context in which the texts have been produced. 

    Prof. Brownlees's course takes place in the first semester and begins on Monday 16 September (9-11), Via Laura, 48, aula 210. For the the lecture notes see below. 

    Prof. Brownlees office hours:  check the unifi website:


    B) Lettorato:   John Gilbert, Philomena Lazzaro, Karen McLachlan, Christine Richardson, Elizabeth Sainsbury.

    The second-semester lettorato courses will begin in the week commencing 24th February 2020, except for all the courses taught by Prof. John Gilbert which will start in the week commencing Monday 2nd March.

    Online sign ups for the second-semester lettorati will open on Friday 21st February at 1pm. Students enrolled in Prof. Gilbert's Translation groups are automatically reconfirmed for the second-semester lessons.

    Lettorato Coordinator: Elizabeth Sainsbury   Office hours: from 26th Sept. Fridays Room 207 vSR (by appointment). Next office hours Friday 14th February 2020 1-3pm 

    For 12 credits students must complete A) Prof. Brownlees's course in the first semester and  B) 4  semesters of lettorato .