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    NB  Students who have LM 37 Laboratorio di Lingua Inglese B013900 (B074) in their piano di studio should follow the course LM 37 Laboratorio di Lingua Inglese B029173 (B074) with which it has been mutuato. All details are on the Moodle page Laboratorio di Lingua Inglese B029173 (B074) 2018/2019.

    LM  Laboratorio di Lingua Inglese (6 CFU) 2018-19

    Titolari: John Gilbert, Christine Richardson

    Co-ordinator: Scott Staton

    Lettori: John Gilbert, Elizabeth Sainsbury, Scott Staton


    In order to complete this Laboratorio (6 CFU) students are required to:

    1. complete four semesters of lettorato;
    2. attend two Laboratorio lectures with Christine Richardson (I sem) and two Laboratorio lectures with John Gilbert (II sem) and complete a homework task for each teacher;
    3. pass the internal B2 Language Test, which aims to ensure students are in possession of the required language level to be able to follow their courses successfully. The next opportunity to sit this Test will be in October 2018. Enrolment will be on this  moodle page. Students who have already passed this test as part of their triennale degree are not required to sit this test.

    NB Any students who have chosen this course as crediti a scelta and/or have already followed Lingua Inglese B005353 (12 CFU) in a previous year, should consult the co-ordinator, Scott Staton, to know which lettorati to follow.

    ALL DETAILS ON MOODLE PAGE Laboratorio di Lingua Inglese B029173 (B074) 2018/2019