Indice degli argomenti

  • In this section you will find materials and links that will help you improve aspects of your English which cannot always be specifically addressed in the lettorato courses. In particular, you can work on areas of grammar and lexis which will help you prepare for the Grammar Test, which is an obligatory component of Lingua Inglese 1.

    The first link below is to a website that offers a wide range of exercises and quizzes geared mainly to a pre-intermediate, i.e. B1, level. Most are entertaining and students have found them useful. On the homepage click on Original Site in the top right-hand corner and navigate to Original diagnostic quiz (highlighted in yellow). This quiz served as a model for Part 1 of our Grammar Test.

    The second link is to a site dedicated to Cambridge certificate exams. There are many useful exercises and test simulations. The item which is most similar to part 2 of our test is Part 5, Key Word Transformations, in the Use of English part of the Advanced English test. is a site which offers not only exercises and quizzes but also reliable explanations of grammatical phenomena. The tutorials on verbs, tenses and modals are particularly useful. 

    Compleat Lexical Tutor is all about vocabulary. If you search for Tests you can test your ability to recognize vocabulary at a number of different levels. Lexical competence constitutes the core of Part 3 of our test.