30. Final Note

Even though you have arrived at the end of these practice exercises, it may not mean that you are in a position to sit the Grammar Test and pass it successfully. This 'book' ONLY presents practice for Question 2. You will also be asked to select grammatical structures in context in Question 1 and furthermore lexical items in context in Question 3.

At the beginning of this 'book' you were reminded of the importance of understanding of the relationship between the grammatical structures. Being able to manipulate language is a skill, but knowing why you are using certain structures in certain situations is quite another. If you are unsure of the level of knowledge required than refer to the Common European Framework of References for Languages (click on this link).

You will need to extend your knowledge of English through daily reading, seeing language in context, acquiring new lexical items and gaining confidence with your own use of grammatical structures through constant writing and speaking production. Study this Assessment Grid (click here), and check if you are able to carry out the tasks in the B2 descriptors.