"Know your history" a short article on the importance of knowing about the page in order to understand the present.

"The case for Reparations" (2014). Should America pay back African Americans to atone for wrongs meted out by slavery and post-slavery?

Reparations on the agenda for Democratic Presidential hopefuls.

Here you will find a two-minute interactive presentation on the slave trade involving Europe, Africa and N & S America.

This is the Google Arts & Culture page on the museum of the plantation where Thomas Jefferson spent his childhood. 

This is a link to a report on the first museum dedicated to  slavery in the US,

This site offers an illustrated biography of Charlie Patton by artist Robert Crumb.

William Seaton's wide-ranging blog includes a few analyses of early country blues lyrics. Look in the index under songs.

You can find Betty Bonifassi performing "Grizzly Bear" on Youtube.

Here is a brief text on levee camps from Mississippi Encyclopedia. You should also read the entries on Sharecropping and Blues. Note that each entry gives the estimated reading time (for native speakers). Try testing yourself! Clearly, there are many other interesting entries and the source is reliable (read About).

A rich source of recordings and brief commentary is the blog Uncensored Blues. This session is dedicated to levee hollers.

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