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  •                                                  Translation Italian/English

    Dott. Gilbert

    Group 1 Tuesdays 11-13 Room 8 vSR  Group 2 Tuesdays 15-17 Room 10 vSR

    Office Hours: Wednesday 11-13 Room 24 vSR

    This is a full-year course (both semesters) and  will be organized primarily as a practical course dealing with the translation from Italian into English of different text types, focusing mainly on non-narrative academic and journalistic texts as well as narrative texts. Particular attention will be given to translation strategies based on contrastive grammatical analysis, lexical choice and the use of language corpora, dictionary usage, questions of style, and the concepts of equivalence and cultural untranslatability. There is no textbook. Monolingual and bilingual dictionaries are required and should be brought to class (in paper or electronic form). Exercises and texts for translation will be sent to students by email and also made available at Copisteria X in Via San Gallo 72r. There will be a written midterm exam at the end of the first semester and a final written exam at the end of the course. Passing the midterm exam is necessary before being able to do the final exam.