Translation students (Gilbert)

Translation students (Gilbert)

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Dear 3rd year translation students,

Our next lesson is on Tuesday 30 April. Our last lesson will be on Tuesday 7 May.

I would like to do a pre-appello written exam on Thursday 30 May from 3 to 7 pm in aula 4 Via Santa Reparata. However if you have lessons at that time, then we will have to find another date as it's not possible for you to miss regularly scheduled lessons in order to do my written exam. If it is impossible for you to do the written exam on Thursday 30 May from 3 to 7 pm, please answer this email with a message to let me know as soon as possible, also indicating the reason why the date and time are not possible.

In any case, if the pre-appello is not possible for you, these are the dates for the regular appelli:

I appello: Thursday 13 June 8.45-13. in aula 4 Via Santa Reparata

II appello: Thursday 27 June 8.45-13. in aula 4 Via Santa Reparata

III appello: Thursday 11 July 8.45-13. in aula 4 Via Santa Reparata

Appello settembre: Wednesday 11 September 13-17. in aula 4 Via Santa Reparata

Please remember to bring dictionaries and fogli protocollo.

Finally, all homework should be handed in to me (or put in my mailbox) by the end of May.

Best regards,

John Gilbert