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  • Dott. Staton

    This course took place in the first semester.

    Wednesday 13-15,  Room 13, via Capponi

    Office Hours  Wednesday 11-13 Room 19A vSR (by appointment) 


    Critical analysis

    Choose a chapter from Our Southern Highlanders (or more than one if they are connected thematically) and write a text in which you describe and assess what Kephart is doing. It should not simply be a summary. You should try to distance yourself from Kephart the observer and attempt to explain the choices he makes and his presumed relationship with his readership. You may refer to other sources if you like, but this is not required. Please follow APA formatting and citation conventions. The paper should be 2500-2800 words in length. Do not write an abstract.

    The paper should be handed in hard copy in portineria VSR and uploaded to the link below. The deadline can be 19 December or 16 January, according to your needs.

    I have graded the papers that were handed in by Jan 16 and have communicated results individually by email. Those who were not able to make the deadline can turn the papers in a bit late - it's not a big problem - but results will be delayed as I now have to concentrate on LM papers.