Topic outline

  • Students generally follow 4 hours of lettorato in the first semester (2 modules) and 4 hours (2 modules) in the second. Courses in the second semester will begin in the week beginning 4th March and sign-ups will open online on 23 February at 11 am. Students in Gilbert's Translation courses are automatically enrolled for the second semester (ie they do not need to sign up again). If they need to change group they can contact Prof. Gilbert. Any students dropped from Gilbert's course should read the information below (which they were informed of at the beginning of the year).

    No student who has not registered the second-year Laboratorio is allowed to sign up for lettorato courses in the third year. 

    For the lettorato courses students must attend either Dott.Gilbert’s annual translation lettorato  course and 2 one-semester  lettorato  courses or 4 one-semester lettorato  courses.   If students sign up for Dott.Gilbert's annual translation course, they must also follow 1 one-semester course in the first semester and one in the second semester. Students choosing 2 one-semester courses in the first semester obviously do not have the option of taking Dott.Gilbert's course in the second semester. 


    If any students in Dott. Gilbert's annual  translation course are dropped from the course mid-year for reasons of poor attendance or very poor work, they will not be given the possibility to attend 2 extra lettorati in the second semester with other teachers to make up the 2 semesters of lettorato they have failed to complete with Dott. Gilbert. This also applies to students in the one-semester courses in the first semester who are told that they cannot retake a failed exam. Students will only be allowed to do the  further lettorato/i scheduled for them in the first semester. Students who are told to take a different course can only do so in the following academic year.