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Laboratorio d'inglese 2019/20 (second anno) iscrizioni

Laboratorio d'inglese 2019/20 (second anno) iscrizioni

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All students who have passed Lingua inglese 1 and registered their grade with Profs Brownlees and Samson can enrol for the second year English lettorato courses in the Laboratorio di lingua inglese.  (B013900 (B004) - LABORATORIO DI LINGUA INGLESE (CURRICULUM: STUDI LINGUISTICI, LETTERARI E INTERCULTURALI- D42) 2019-2020)

The lettorato programme and timetable can be found in the 'Course Information' section.  Also read the information in the 'Enrolment for Courses' section.

Please note that enrolment for the lettorato courses is exclusively online and opens at 12.00 on Monday 16th September.