Make Up Work ASE 1st Semester

Students who missed three or more lessons must complete the Make UP Work in order to have a final mark for the course. This is in addition to catching up with the work they missed by consulting the Lesson Summaries and Homework page.

Watch the three David Crystal videos in our section of the page and then answer the following questions on them. You may need to watch the videos more than once to find the answers. Write down your answers and then you can either leave a copy of them for me in my pigeonhole in VSR or send me a copy via email.

David Crystal - Will English always be the Global Language?

1. What is the relation between language and power?

2.  When did 'Global English' become a subject which was talked and written about?

3.  What characteristic of Indian English grammar does David Crystal describe?

4.  What influences of American English on British English does David Crystal describe?

5.. What is David Crystal's second language?

David Crystal - What do you most enjoy about the English Language?

1.  What made David Crystal want to study Linguistics?

2.  What does David Crystal most enjoy? 

3.  What is 'ping-pong punning'?

Ben Crystal & David Crystal - You Say Potato

1.  Why are David Crystal and Ben Crystal 'mongrels'?

2.  Why are there so many English accents in Britain?

3.  What is

4.  What does the authentic pronunciation of the Shakespeare sonnet which Ben Crystal delivers sound like to the interviewers?

5.  Why are accents "like a garden of flowers"?


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