Mamas put your babies to sleep, story too cruel for them this is. In Junior High she said goodbye to her parents and ran away with a boy. She left her family warm and kind, all her friends said “You’re out of your mind”. Life of her own she would find, it’s Monday and she’s gotta grind.

A job as a waitress she sure was to find, beautiful face, mind of a child. Boy got her pregnant, Mary-Lou cried, “For this I am too young oh why did you lie? You said ‘it’s okay if we do it today’, I was so scared that you would go away.” “Despite all the papers been signed, mama take me back, be so kind”.

(Song by Sonata Arctica – informal, EFL/ELF)

Re-write the text in Standard English, formal register. Ignore the rhymes required by the song form of the original text.

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