The Answer Sheet is now available to print up. I have made two sheets (back and front), since I thought most of you would need more than one sheet to write the whole translation. Obviously, if you only use the front sheet for your translation, don't upload the back sheet as well!

If you can't manage to print up a copy, then very carefully copy it by hand onto a piece of your own A4 size white paper and use this.

Please write in black pen. Do NOT write in print, but do try to write as legibly as possible.

When instructed, at the end of the Test, scan your Answer sheet(s) with your mobile 'phone, convert to PDF form if necessary and upload it/them to the Moodle page, where there will be a Homework file waiting for you which will be open only for a few minutes. I'll tell you the name of it at the end of the Test.

Cam Scanner, Office Lens and Adobe Scan all work well for scanning. Here are my experimenter's comments on how to use these programmes:

"I would not recommend Adobe Scan because I could not save the pdf directly on my phone, I had to send it to myself and then download it on my device. It might be that I just did not understand how to save it directly on my phone, but I really could not find that option. I was only allowed to send the file through email or apps like Whatsapp/Telegram.

Cam Scanner worked perfectly. I took the picture, the app elaborated it, then I clicked on PDF -> condividi -> salva in locale, and the file was saved in my device's archive.

Office Lens was perfect as well. After taking the picture, the app elaborates it and you only have to put a tick on "pdf" and save it, it will go automatically in your device's documents folder.

As for the quality of the scans, I think all the apps produced very good PDFs, but only Office Lens kept the "background lines" of the page.

About the uploading: I managed to upload the files from my mobile without even using the Moodle App, it can be done easily through the Moodle page on the phone's Internet Browser."

Scan and upload any rough copies, or notes, trials you make during the Test, in the same way to the same file.

Please try to arrive at the Meet appointment as early as possible as takes a long time to get everyone identified and ready to go and then getting the text to translate up so that you can see it can also take some time.

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