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  •                                                  Language and Culture in Canada

    First lesson: Thursday 7th March

    Dott.ssa Sainsbury

    Thursday 17-19 Room 10 vSR

    Office Hours Friday 11-13 Room 24 vSR

    This module focuses on the history, geography and multi-ethnic and linguistic culture of Canada. Attention is paid both to the acquisition of vocabulary related to landscape and to the discussion of the relationship between man, nature and major engineering works, as witnessed in literary texts, maps and images. We also consider the re-evaluation of the culture of the indigenous populations, the problems related to bilingualism and the theme of immigration.

    The aim of the course is to develop the students’ critical analysis of literary texts and the expressive abilities necessary to describe a variety of documents. The aims are achieved by means of in-class pair and group work, oral presentations, short written assignments and a final written exam. The assignments, presentation and exam are assessed for the final mark.

     A booklet is available at Copisteria X  and should be brought to the first lesson. 

    Please upload your descriptions of the physical geography of regions on Compilatio:

    For Thursday 4th April : listen to two versions of Suzanne (p.16 of booklet) sung by Leonard Cohen and compare the way they are sung (instruments, tempo etc). Comment on the text and music. N.B:This is not a written assignment. You will be asked to comment orally.

      and Nina  Simone   

    For Thursday 11th April

    Write a concise analysis of the text and music of The Railroad Trilogy by Gordon Lightfoot. You should mention the different sections, changes in tempo, mood and voice and the instruments. You may end with a personal comment.

    Please use your own words, bring the text to class  and upload the text on the Compilatio link given above for the geography.

    Information only for Non-attenders

    Non-attenders must hand in 4 pieces of written work before they can take the written exam at one of the regular exam sessions:

    1. A description of the physical geography of a province of Canada (1-3 paragraphs 250-300 words). This should be done using only a map and  the text at the beginning of your booklet as a model.

    2. A description of a map which you find particularly interesting (1-2 paragraphs approx. 100-150 words). Taking inspiration from the extract from Alice Munroe pp 11-13 in your booklet you should describe the colours, shapes, design, key of the map and say why it fascinates you.

    3. A detailed analysis of the text and music of 'Canadian Railroad Trilogy' by Gordon Lightfoot (at least two paragraphs, 250-400 words). You should comment on the voice of the singer, the instruments used, the changes in tempo and volume, the way the music relates to the text. Please use your own words cite any sources

    4. A description of a painting by one of the Group of Seven or Emily Carr (1-3 paragraphs approx. 200 words). See the sheet with vocabulary attached below.

    All these assignments should be in suitably formal English although the map description may be a little more informal.

    Information about the written exam:

    Question 1 -  approx. 8 short questions (you choose 6 of the 8) about geography, culture of Canada.
    Question 2 - approx 4 longer questions (you choose 2 or 3) to answer with  a full paragraph about any the subjects covered in the booklet.
    Question 3 - 1-2 questions asking you to compare the literary texts in the booklet, to be answered with a long paragraph. 
    Question 4 - description of a painting or a map