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End of Lectures and Classroom Practice

End of Lectures and Classroom Practice
by MANFRIDA GIAMPAOLO - Thursday, 5 December 2019, 9:41 AM

Dear Students,

on Monday I finished the lectures of the course. I am loading now the final updated material on Pinch Analysis. Also the PC Lab training is finished with the last seminar on OLCA by L. Talluri.

Please remember to produce an evaluation of the course NOW (rather than with exam booking). Your evaluation and specific comments are valuable and will be considered.

By now until end of year I will reserve Wed afternoon 4-6 pm to Lab Tutoring. This has already started for some groups. Please send me e-mails so that I can organize the work (typically not more than 2-3 groups per afternoon), and check availability of my co-workers involved. In general I am also available Monday afternoon 4-6 pm (when I have student reception) but if needed other time slots can be arranged. Try tyo be specific and provide info about the lab selected etc. (I can prepare the necessary material before the meeting).

I wish to thank you for following the course.

Giampaolo Manfrida