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Classroom Test (Final) - Oral exam

Classroom Test (Final) - Oral exam
by MANFRIDA GIAMPAOLO - Thursday, 12 December 2019, 10:43 AM

The Classroom Test will take place on Wed January 8th, Classroom 109 CDM (Info Lab). Start at 9:30, end 12:30.

The results should be transferred to paper and the code developed for solution sent after the test, so that it can be corrected. Groups of 2-3 persons are admissible (not more), with common evaluation.

The oral exam (individual) will deal:

a) with exam/correction of the code/paperwork of the test

b) discussion of a short report on the lab problem assigned, focused on the topics of the course (exergy, exergoeconomics, exergo-environmental, LCA, pinch analysis,...)

Official Dates have been published - different options  possible with specific arrangements (registration on Official Dates).